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Hi! My name is Leather and this is my website. I am so very glad that you have stopped by to check me out. I want to tell you a little about me and then a little about what you will see here.

I am a mature exhibitionist with many fantasies and fetishes that I like to show the world via my websites. Some of the updates you will see are of MY OWN secret fantasies and hidden desires. Some will be member requests, me acting out THEIR fantasy. Will you know the difference? Maybe I'll tell or maybe it will be just our little secret ;)

I have so many fetishes and love to share them with you! I also have found a hidden core of curiosity and love to explore others fetishes, often turning them into my own, so feel free to write me with that fetish, fantasy, or hidden desire, I may just find a new fetish of my own!

Some of the fetishes that you will see here if you decide to become a member:

  • Smoking, I smoke cigarettes, both filtered and un-filtered, it depends on my mood. I am a regular smoker of cigars, I especially like a big fat hand rolled cigar, it makes me have the pleasure of nicotine and the fantasy of a big cock in my mouth all in one! Pipes, I love a good pipe. Nothing smells the way a pipe does and clamping it between my teeth is rather erotic!

  • Feet, well, I have to tell you, this is a MAJOR fetish of mine! When not in public I am barefoot all of the time. Do you like dirty feet? Hard calloused feet with soft high arches? I love having my feet stroked, licked and kissed, I can have an orgasm totally just with my feet!!! Another thing I LOVE to do with my feet is to stroke a big cock with nothing but my arches and the feel of cum as it soaks across my feet and drips across my arches...mmmm-mmm! I am getting wet just thinking about it!

  • Leather & vinyl, well, it didn't get to be my name by chance! I love to wear leather! The smell, the feel, the creak as I move....I love how it clings to the skin, how it smells in a leather shop and after a long hot day in the sun. Nothing feels or smells like a leather clad woman! Unless you are a true leather lover you can't understand the sensuousness of the smell of leather!

  • Pantyhose. Nothing gives the silken feel that pantyhose does. Wrapping my legs around you...can you feel them slide with silky softness against your skin? Can you feel the way my silken arches caress your thighs and cock? Can you hear them rip as you tear away the crotch to better glide within my silken folds?

You will get to travel with me thru my exploration of my own fantasies & fetishes as well as, handjobs, masturbation (I do so love my toys!), foot jobs, blow jobs (I have a clit in the back of my throat!). I am bi-sexual so do not be surprised if you see a lot of girl/girl updates. Sometimes we even let my husband join in! ;)

Write me, let's explore our fantasies and fetishes together!

Kisses and hot wet licks,

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